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Leicester Rod and Gun Club

1015 Whittimore Street, Leicester Ma. 01524

Hall rental available  call 508.892.4548

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Meat raffles

begin October 4th and run for 8 weeks 

Sporting Clays

Saturday Mornings at 10:00

cost is $10 for 50

and $20 for 100

Pistol shoots will begin as follows:

Rim fire on Tuesdays starting 

Center fire on Thursdays starting both will begin at 6pm

cost is $5. per. shoot and you do not have to be a member to participate


Please see the Calendar of events 

for a more complete list of events at the Club and as always also watch the board downstairs for more info

thank you to all who helped make the summer archery a success 


  Please contact Jim Shea for info regarding NRA basic home safety Classes. They are held at the club monthly

Club Meetings are  on the third Monday of every month

Due's will be collected starting at the September meeting.

Next meetings on the following dates:

Sept 21st

Oct 19th

Nov 16th


Membership Info

We require sponsorship from two current members in the club

Our annual dues = $80. / year

we are a Working club and each member is required to put in 50 hours of work throughout the year. We hold many events during the year and have many ways to do this, it goes very quickly. Please feel free to stop up to the club during one of our events to learn more. 

Common Ground Land Trust

 We are continually looking for additional members. Please consider joining a worthwhile organization securing open land. Please see the link to their website on the helpful links page